Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can you Dig what I am Plantin?


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An Effort to Save a City by Shrinking It

FLINT, Mich. — Dozens of proposals have been floated over the years to slow this city’s endless decline. Now another idea is gaining support: speed it up.

Instead of waiting for houses to become abandoned and then pulling them down, local leaders are talking about demolishing entire blocks and even whole neighborhoods.

The population would be condensed into a few viable areas. So would stores and services. A city built to manufacture cars would be returned in large measure to the forest primeval.

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I know I am prejudice against the suburbs already but I really think this is a great idea. I know there will be arguments about historical preservation and rich white people wanting to burn the poor neighborhoods down. I hate sprawl and empty buildings, the idea that downtowns are dying while box stores that people have to drive to are thriving.
Imagine if we force just half of Amherst, NY back into downtown Buffalo!!

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