Thursday, October 07, 2004


I HEART RALPH NADER. I can't deny it any longer and it feels so good to say. I LOOOVVE NADER. Everything he stands for, the fact he is running, and even those stupid grey suits. I don't believe that Nader cost Gore the election just like I don't think that he will cost Kerry the election this year.
I get it that Bush is the anti-christ sent to bring the end times for those christain fuckers. I just wish that the Democrats weren't such a bunch of giant pussies about it. Run a fucking campaign and go get Ralph's voters. Do what you have to do bring them in.
I am suggesting some Kerry on Nader porno. C'mon John give Ralph the hummer of a lifetime. Your not gay if you only do it once and who knows you may even like it, nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you have to ask yourself "is the juice worth the squeeze". You and I both know it is. It feels so good to love Nader, to vote for him is so pure... ooohhhh damn. So put some chapstick on, make yourself look pretty, and get to work John less than a month away and every vote counts.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Rod is in the sod

Sadly the world has lost another fat comic. John Belushi, John Candy, Chris Farley, and Louie Anderson all gone (if Anderson isn't dead he should be shot and fed to orphans). The irony of Rodney Dangerfield going to that big roast in the sky is that he was older than all these fuckers before they died.
Really he was the Stevie Wonder of the fat comedy stripper dating drug taking world. Does Stevie suck overall because of his latter work. No. Boogie on Reggae Woman eclipses every bullshit rainforest album he ever made in the late 80's. So Caddyshack eclipses that soccer movie with the dumbass kid in drag.
So tonight in honor of the Rod I implore the world to drink some hard liquor, smoke a joint, snort a line, whatever, but please for the love of god fuck a stripper.


The face of death complete with make up vs JFK long lost litlle brother.
Watching Cheney v. Edwards is so much more difficult than the first debate. The first debate was like watching Bobby Bonds hitting softballs pitched by the 12 year old retarted girl who plays for the local Delmerico's Pizza team. Sure it doesn't seem fair but it is still so great to watch. This week we found out why Dick Cheney is running the country... because he is so much fucking smarter than the most powerfull person in the world. That's some scary shit.