Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Greatest List of Rock and Roll's Greatest Lists

I recently read a great article on The Trouble With Indie Rock: It's not just race. It's class. by Carl Wilson. It's hits a couple of great points and I recommend it as a worthy read. Just wish people would stop beating up on the Decemberists! Sorry, deep down in places I don't talk about while drinking PBR I am still a big history nerd and they sometimes hit that prog rock historical nerd note just right.
The article is a critique of another indie rock critique... Summing it up: One writer thinks indie rock sucks because there are no black people and thus not enough sex in rock. The other writer correctly points out that class, political and economic cycles, and a host of other things contribute to what we listen to.
In the end it is all bullshit really.
I like what I like so Fuck You. The people who are really sexy are the ones who revel in their own thing no matter what the fuck you say about their music.
Ie Ever seen someone really rocking the fuck out to Rush? It is far sexier than these drones at the sxsw fest

My point is that this is the Greatest Fucking Rock Song Ever.