Monday, September 13, 2010

Local Boys Make Good

Pleasant surprise to flip through the NY Times Sunday edition and see two SF fellas in there. Jay Carrol who apparently I know from the fantasticly American display for the Levi's flagship store here in town (which I think I have checked out about a dozen times now) and from his blog OneTripPass along with Mr. Mort from MisterMort.

It's funny, seeing the cool shit they dig in their posts and it just never clicked, to me at least, that this is what they do. Finding cool shit is what they do... for a fucking living. Gotta dig that.

"We cruise north on Highway 1, past artichoke fields and cliffs that dead-end into the vast Pacific. A little leather pouch hangs from the rearview mirror, stuffed with dried sprigs of lavender. Rubinstein plops a Gram Parsons CD case on his lap and begins rolling a joint. The fuel gauge says empty as we start heading up into the wooded mountains to an estate sale in Bonny Doon. “It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve run out of gas,” Carroll says, as if nothing could worry him less. The Beach Boys are harmonizing on the song “You’re Welcome,” the B-side of “Heroes and Villains,” as Rubinstein sticks his head out the window and lets out an ecstatic howl to the redwood trees crowding the road. So maybe this is where men’s fashion really starts, I think. They regale me with past adventures: the treehouses they’ve slept in, the junk shops, the chainsaw artists, the lady up in Cave Junction, Ore., who makes beautiful moccasins by hand in her double-wide."

Seriously? Driving around with your buddy, listening to Gram, getting stoned, and going to flea markets, if I had known I could have made a career out of that... well, god bless 'em. I am sure they have busted ass to get to be able to do this kind of thing but still...  If they threw in a climbing session on the way out I guess I'd be a just a little bit jealous.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010