Monday, November 22, 2004

I am still alive, aren't we

Like the funeral of a loved one it takes awhile to articulate the pain, to comprehend what the loss means, to bring it into scope through multiple trips to the bar and liquor store. The beautiful flowers wilt to death or get replanted. The notes full of graceful pity and sad humor are starting to fade and just become annoying. Leftovers that the neighbors brought are beginning to mold and smell bad because who can eat at a time like this.
It feels that way sometimes when the Dems talk about not relating to the values of the majority. At the end of the day we do not have the same values. That is hard to imagine for some reason. That so many people voted on anti-gay, pro-life issues, and they all can't be ignorant. Can they? There are a lot of smart people out there who voted to mandate these issues. I know, because some were my friends.
I hope this is the start of a large cultural war. Where like the Civil Right's Movement we are able to shame the bigots, the racists, and the like into a place of uncomfortable silence. Let us eradicate ourselves of this Evangelican nuisance once and for all. It holds us back as a society and a country. Let's attack their false beliefs and small superstitions with the same political incorectness as they attack. Let's have us a war.
I do not want to live with people who make it this hard for others to live. These values that they fight so hard to protect are not my values and I do not care to tolerate them anymore.
The fact is, I truly believe that most people of my generation are not afraid of gay people, don't really care if minorities are taking over the country, and haven't gone to church since their Aunt Agnes died four years ago.
Most people of our generation realize that poor people and people of color often don't get a fair shake at things.
Our generation grew up with political correctness and that is proving to be a good thing. People should be ashamed when they are not sensitive to woman, gays, minorities, whoever. They should be verbally reprimanded like an insolant child who is too ignorant to know better. When that fails; busted in the mouth. Wash out their collective mouths with the soap made by smarter, better people who are proving to be their moral superiors.
Let our self-righteousness rise up with a piety not seen since the Weslyans started this trap of a religion.
Let our generation start our own crusade against the catholics who protest abortion clinics and against a Pope who is responsible for ignoring an AIDS crisis in Africa.
They are wrong and have too long been tolerated.
I do not hate all conservatives. But the blasphemy of the social conservative who hides behind the skirts of the bible should be dealt with by a plague young locusts who destroy their way of life.
They are wrong. We are right. If they are the fundamentalists of christainity they are proving to have more sway than they should be given and more respect than any vodoo do-gooder deserves. What will be become of these lunatic fundamentalists? Will they attack with acts of war on nations of different faiths and political structures? Will their profit be both monetary and spiritual?
Now is our time not theirs. This is a start to a cultural war, I hope.

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