Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am feeling the need to take up some space on the large wall over my bed. Something that will move the eye away from the horrid wine and bike grease stained carpet.

The Levi Flagship store here in SF has a great display of cool American memorabilia from all over the country including some vintage worn looking good ol glories. I thought a worn American flag would give the room a vintage Neil Young ragged glory kind of feel. The idea of good people reclaiming patriotism and what the flag can stand for appeals to me.
Something like this from Jeff Bridgman's site.

Bridgman does great write-ups that as a former history major I love.
35 Star American national flag with a brilliant, cornflower blue canton. Note how the stars, placed in haphazard rows, point in various directions on their vertical axis, which adds strong folk quality to the visual design. This is a beautiful, homemade example, either made for use during the recruitment of soldiers or for some other patriotic purpose.

Along the binding, at the fly end, on the first white stripe, is a period ink stamp that appears to reads: “J.H. Crane”. Such markings are often found on 19th century flags, written, stamped, or embroidered, to represent ownership. Six Union Army soldiers would fit those initials. It is likely that one of the men owned this flag, but a specific attribution is not known.

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But Levi's is owning this cool American thing with their Go Forth campaign that I admit to totally digging.

did a post today with signal flags that would be actually affordable and cool. Some cool ones out there here.

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