Monday, February 01, 2010

Taylor Stitch here doing god's work organized the Man Up.

Fellas from the best men's vintage store Sui Generis

Abbie of Paul's Hat Works understood the importance of young men wearing good hats with a sense of pride in craftsmanship. Tax return is coming up. A new hat of quality that you will give to your grandkids is a worthwhile investment.

This is not my dutch bike but it is My Dutch Bike.

SF Man Up organized by the men of Durable Goods Concern did a fantastic job. Lots of quality all in one place both people and goods. I think these guys have really tapped into something and look forward to the next idea. While the people were all of soulful quality the space and atmosphere lacked that same soul. Next time more beer and better music.


Adapter Serious said...

Yo did you buy anything?

Country Fuckin' said...

yah got a nice canvas bag for my trip