Friday, March 26, 2010


Headed out of the city- Goin to Yosemite for some climbing and camping. My soul is happy about it. This is where my head is most of the time...

How is it when a man of my age starts contemplating the settled life he immediately starts worrying about his freedom? Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, I suppose. I've been working on being an old man for most of my youth and now the time has come. Ah, the settled life... can it really exist in the city? Maybe it is the thought of kids and that raising them in the urban environment would be so foreign to me.

How does one go from a urban life of more than ten years now get back to the country? Every time I take a look at the lay of the land and get the itch for goin there seem to be these obstacles. A job, for instance. I am not going back to work on a farm. I don't want to work that hard. All my Professional skills are of a specific nature and I've yet to find a way to translate them to a small town job. Years of the city life also makes certain lifestyles unrealistic. This is my stand.

I will not:
have a commute over an hour- to work, the grocery store, culture of some sort
live in a development, suburb, or an apartment building built after 1949, any thing that includes the word track
live so remotely that I can't walk to drink with friends
be too far away from live music
be surrounded by nothing but anti-feminists, racists and homophobes- I can bear them if they are the minority
anyplace that only deals in absolutes

The obvious answer is a modern commune. An old farm where a bunch of cool people and friends live that aren't total self-righteous hippies. We share trucks, whiskey, and babysitting duties but not wives. Where people hang out a lot of the time but not all the time. Maybe someone there teaches me to pick a banjo so we can have weekend jams.

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Marcus said...

Farming flows through my veins. And while I know little of the process, I could learn damn quick.
Build our own houses on the land. Grow our own food, butcher our own meats, make our own whiskey - let's buy a farm. I'm in.