Saturday, June 26, 2010

What you should be listening to: Frank Fairfield

Frank Fairfield is playing Amensia on Sunday around 9ish. According to Frank's website aka Myspace (really, that is olde-timey as fuck) Pokey LaFarge is playing there too but are not listed on the Amnesia's calendar. Goddam good show. I get the feeling that these fellas are going to be playing bigger and bigger venues so come see them before you are sitting a hundred miles away at Hardly Strictly.
I saw Frank play only one song at the Hemlock and he sold me. Fact is I sat the bar trying to convince a woman I loved that I was in love with her. Note: If you have to convince someone that you are in love with them you should probably skip the conversation and just catch Frank's set. There will be less regrets that way.
Well, the girl is gone and unlikely to come back but lets not be sad about fare thee wells now Frank is here again.

Pokey LaFarge

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