Friday, April 02, 2010


When I lived on the East Coast spring time was a time to start contemplating living again. If you can survive winter in NY you can survive anything motherfucker. More importantly it meant you could go for real rides outside again. Not some miserable cranking away in the slosh just to prove you could.

The glory of the northern California is that, aside from some rain, the weather is always perfect for riding. Never too hot, never too cold. Last night, I rode to Paul's Hat Works to hang with those lovely ladies and the fellas from Taylor Stitch for an open studio. An open studio is apparently when a store is open after hours, has music, and feeds me Jameson Whiskey. Pauls is in the Richmond and a helluva cool store. Can't afford their hats but they are carrying other haberdashery items that are well with in pocketbook range. I took a nightime 5.5 mile ride to the Richmond which was glorious. I discovered the bike path that follows Fell Street. It was flat, smoothly paved and well marked that I should not go fast. After passing one well reflected commuter I saw someone up ahead that seemed to be covering some ground so I clicked into the big ring just to see if I could catch up. Well that was that, I won 8 sprint finishes and took home the climbers jersey on Cabrillo St. And of course, left Lance on the alpe d'huez after a look.

It all made me excited for the Spring Classics and riding in general.

So go get out there.

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