Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Merle Haggard Album Free

NPR keeps it coming lately with great new music on its First Listen posts. Today they have Merle Haggard's "I Am What I Am" (please refrain from Popeye references).

But the album isn't just about love — at least not just romantic love. Haggard loves country music, and he's not afraid to use it as a means of protest; in the process, he lets listeners know exactly how he feels about America today, both politically and culturally. It's not just cynicism or disgust that he expresses in the album opener, "I've Seen It Go Away," but also sorrow and sadness. As he sings, "When you've seen the very best, the rest can hardly play," and "I've seen our greatest leaders break their people's heart," it's hard not to feel your heart breaking along with his.

Also, take a minute to check out When I Awake's post today. Those ladies continue to read my mind and have posted up "Bound To Fail" from Stephen's Stills masterpiece Manassas. This is the best thing he ever did, in my opinion. The LP is beautiful too- its usually pretty cheap and easy to find so go out buy it, put on a big pair of headphones and listen to the whole thing.

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